Buy Hoya Plant Online - Birthright
Buy Hoya Plant Online - Birthright

Hoya Plant


Botanical Name: Hoya Carnosa
Unique Fact: Known as a Wax Plant.
Care: Low maintenance.
Light: Bright light.
Water: In summer water freely daily, twice a week in winter.
Pet-Friendly: Nontoxic.
Place of Pride: Window and place it in bright light.
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid overfeeding.
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage.

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Birthright’s Original Hoya Plant

Buy Hoya plant online in India and impress your beloved partner with your profound choice of plant. Thereby, bow to maintain the beauty of your relationship with this heart-shaped plant. As, this lovable plant is an excellent gifting idea for your partner.

Hoya plant is a single leaf heart-shaped plant and, it’s cute and cherishingly adorable. Hoya Heart Plant belongs to Apocynaceae family. Undoubtedly, this plant is a perfect gift for Valentine’s. Therefore, the plant is popularly known as Valentine Hoya or Sweetheart Hoya.

The plant stays with you as a single-leaf plant forever. But you also have the alternative to propagate this plant through stem cutting. As the thick green leaves of the plant can grow up to 4 meters in height.

Place the Hoya plant in the bright corner of your home and enjoy the rejoicing delight of having a single-leaf plant for your bedroom. Howsoever, buy Hoya plant online in India as it cheers you up from the sad mood. Hoya plant varieties is a desirous plant all over due to its interesting structure.

Moreover, the single leaf plant doesn’t occupy a larger space rather adequately fits at the study table or central table. Well, this little plant with a height of 5 inches heart-shaped leaf is tantalizing. Additionally, showcase the plant to direct sunlight and observe the luscious shine of the plant.

Why Hoya Plant?

Hoya plants marvelously beautify the appearance of your room with a hanging pot or as a creeper crawling in. Additionally, the clustered leaves of plants form the climbing creeper and lavishly décor’s entrance of your home with hues of greenery.

Indeed, it’s nature’s divine creation that the plant shapes exactly like the heart. Thereby, adorn the art of God. Howsoever, this indoor succulent stands uniquely from the rest of the indoor plants.

Hoya Plant or Hoya Kerii blooms in the summer season. Well, as Hoya is a slow-growing plant. Hence you don’t require the plant to repot it frequently. Additionally, the plant requires an apt amount of airflow in the soil. But being a low-maintenance plant, you are required to shower your plant with water occasionally. And clean the leaves with the cloth, if dusty.

Hoya plants are safe for the pets of your house as it is non-toxic. Hoya plant online India provides the best quality healthy plant to adorn the interior of your room rather the terrific sensuous feel and texture is awesome. However, having the plants online for home is peace and tranquility. You can also find us by typing “hoya plants shop near me” in India.

Hoya indoor plant pleasantly touches your heart with its adorning beauty. And the attractive pot with the plant is enchanting and spellbinding. Even if you’re not fond of plants and greenery, then this plant is surely going to leave you stunned with its remarkable shape. You would love to have a Hoya plant for your indoor plant’s section as the distinct heart shape of the plant is arresting and gripping.

Important Points to Remember for Hoya Plant 

  1. You must water the plant when the soil turns dry as this is a major considering factor for indoor succulent plants.
  2. The leaves of the plant can turns black if you overwater the plant. Therefore water the plant when the soil is dry.
  3. You must feed the plant with water-soluble fertilizers to half strength in the growing season of the plant.

Buy Hoya plant online in India at best price from Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kerala, Pune, Noida and Punjab. Hoya plant is the best indoor succulent plant for beginner planters due to its minimalistic care requirements. However, this organically grown plant sustains for a longer period if the apt care in terms of lighting, watering, and soil are regulated.

Plant height with pot

20-30 cms

Pot width

10 cms

Package weight

500-800 gms


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