Green Living with Birthright

A destination that is a repository of nature’s beauty, designated to exotic plants sourced from around the world.

Welcome to Birthright, India’s largest exotic plant display centre. This one-of-a-kind garden experience center has a mission to rejuvenate your home and garden with its stunning range of exotic plants and trees from around the world. A well-trained team of landscaping experts is just a call away at all times, assuring you of all the help you need to make your garden one of-a-kind. Go on, redesign your lifestyle to be lush, exotic, full of fresh air and green, with Birthright.


Restoring India’s Birthright of Greenscapes

Our Vedas describe ancient India as a land of vast forests, rich flora and fauna and Ayurvedic herbs with miraculous curative properties. A Birthright, that has slowly been taken away with the advent of modern civilization. Today, this green oasis in the middle of the city has a mission, to return your Birthright of clean air, a green world, and healthier living to you. All through its green ambassadors of hope.


Our Green Catalogue

Browse this virtual repository of the stunning Birthright range of small, medium and large exotic plants and trees. View the seasonal beauties that grace our greenhouse, be entranced by the floral sculpted beauty of our range of exotic bonsai or marvel at trees that are 1100 years old! Order green masterpieces from our collection, and let them add a clean, purifying and rejuvenating vibe to your home and workspace.