Landscaping it right with Birthright

Give your garden one-of-a-kind exclusivity with our Landscaping Services. Let our Birthright Experts guide you on a curation of the best plants for your unique space.

Make your garden one-of-a-kind

Tell us your requirements and we will custom design a one-of-a-kind garden for your farmhouse, terrace garden, office atrium or office grounds. Spanish Olive trees for a Spanish hacienda-style villa, the elegant Podocarpus for a sprawling farmhouse garden or an intriguing blend of rare bonsai and succulents for an office rooftop rock garden.

Tell us your space, your style preferences and we will have our Birthright Experts draw up the perfect plan for you.


The Birthright Landscaping Process is a Meticulous One:-

  • 1. Site Visit: We begin by visiting your site to check the space.
  • 2. Evaluation: Our Birthright Experts evaluate the site and suggest inputs.
  • 3. Proposal: A comprehensive plan with solution, costs, and timelines is drawn up.
  • 4. Contract: Jobs and responsibilities are outlined.
  • 5. Execution: Work is started to deliver a Quality Landscaping Solution.
  • 6. Maintenance: Services can be offered to care for the plants and make your experience hassle-free.

Landscape Development

Our Landscape Development process involves three stages; designing, installation and arrangement. Our team arranges everything from rare and exotic plants or trees to beautiful imported planters, to expert landscape designers who can help you create the garden of your dreams.

Exotic and Imported Plants

Birthright has a variety of exotic and rare plants that you can choose from. Get advice on their distinct characteristics, their care requirements and choose from rare bonsais, succulents, flowering plants, cactii, exotic trees and more. Consult our Birthright Experts and let them guide you in adding a stunning and refreshing vibe to your homes and workspaces.

Plant and Advisory

Consult our Birthright Landscaping Experts and fill your home or office spaces with the right combination of exotic plants that will thrive in that particular area. Get advised on maintenance tips and plant care as well.

Landscaping Idea for Garden Design – Birthright

Transform your garden with picturesque landscaping ideas and enthrall your mind, body, and spirit with a magnificent glimpse. Thereby, with exceptionally profound landscape design ideas, rejuvenate the garden with a pleasing and mesmerizing sensation.

With customized garden landscaping ideas for terrace garden, office atrium or ground, farmhouse, we create the balance between each element of the garden by adding sophistication and style to space. Likely, our excellently designed garden with curated beauty of exotic and imported plants is heart throbbing.

Taking care of your space, preferences, and love for greenery, we magically modify your garden with terrific and incredible landscaping ideas. Because your garden is your pride.


Important Elements for Garden Landscaping Ideas

Relax and rejuvenate because our landscaping ideas are mind-blowing and awesome. Henceforth, enjoy the heavenly greenery and sip your evening coffee by having the breath-taking soothing view of your garden.

Structuring: By changing the structure through creating fences, walls, patio, decks, raised planters, etc. We change the landscape of the garden with unique and extraordinary ideas. Because we offer what’s the best for your garden?

Core Highlight: Our special highlights for the landscaping are fountains, flower borders, shrubs, walkways, driveways, etc. Herein we create your imagination or the garden that you saw in a book and magazine into reality from our professional experience by having landscaping plants.

Likely, we lift up your home with indoor succulent plant. Thus, indulge in the transfusing aura of positivity and tranquility.


Birthright’s Landscaping Process

Landscaping Planning & Development:

Birthright’s landscaping process development commences with an assessment of the site wherein we evaluate the space and suggest the best possible landscape design ideas. And likely bring about the cost estimation report for designing the landscape.

However, by keeping into consideration your budget, we craft out the garden design with enhancing and enriching results. Thereafter, the planning for execution of the project is initiated. We have the garden design as per your desirability by discussing the multiple landscaping ideas. Visualizing the landscape of your garden, our experts holistically design the layout and offers the suitable and best garden landscaping ideas. Additionally, by prioritizing the installation and having an eye for detail, we provide landscape design ideas in the shortest turnaround.


Usage of Exotic and Imported Plants:

Our team exquisitely discovers the best selection of rare plants that can exotically décor your garden. As Birthright specializes in garden landscaping ideas, we place the plants that are custom-grown. Howsoever, our professional assistance in the area of garden design, lets you have a winning proposition with adequately managed space and aesthetically crafted greenery. And the best and favourite plants for landscaping are cacti, exotic trees, succulents, rare bonsais, flowering plants, etc. Whatsoever, our familiarity with exclusive plants makes the prior choice as we instil the positive vibe and refreshing aura to the space from our unmatchable expertise in garden design.


Plant’s Advisory and Guidance:

Know about the benefits of having each plant in your garden and find the ways to maintain the different plants by consulting our leading experts for landscaping ideas. Take care of the plants in your garden by having sound knowledge about the condition of soil and watering. Additionally, our idea is to have low-maintenance plants.

Our professional support and guidance in designing your personalized garden provide a seamless and comforting consumer experience. Moreover, by suggesting the latest and trendy landscaping idea, we contribute towards having a strikingly appealing glance at the garden. So book an appointment today, and recreate your garden with exhilarating plants and revel in its charismatically adorable beauty. And mesmerize in the irresistible beauty of indoor green plants.