Buy Real Ficus Bonsai Live Plant - Birthright
Buy Real Ficus Bonsai Live Plant - Birthright
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Ficus Bonsai Live Plant (2 years old)


Botanical Name: Ficus ginseng
Unique Fact: It is known as ‘Chinese Banyan Tree’. It purifies the surrounding air
Care: Low maintenance
Light: Full Sun, partial shade in summer (May, June)
Water: Daily in summer and thrice a week in winter
Pet-Friendly: No
Place of Pride: Balcony, terrace, window and places with direct sunlight
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid overwatering
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Ficus Bonsai 2 Year Old Live Plant

The profoundly articulated buy Ficus Bonsai plants, leaves you mesmerised with its blushful leaves. Hence, buy plants online and cheer up the mood of your living room with the beautifully curated Ficus Bonsai live plant. As love for green plants is the true love.

Ficus trees are everlasting and can stay with you for the years to come. Hence, place the pot of Ficus bonsai live plant to your balcony and observe its incredible beauty each passing year. However, the Ficus retusa bonsai has evident green leaves that are enchanting and a terrific view to gaze at.

Moreover, the plant likes intense light, so you must allow the plant to have direct sunlight each day. Thereby, choose the spot of your home that has enough light, as insufficient light to the plant can hamper the growth of the plant or can damage the leaves. And as the plant appreciates humidity, ensure that the plant never dries. Herein daily misting of Ficus bonsai live plant is the best option or else go for the humidity try, if maintaining the humidity of the plant is a problem for you.

Well, having the greenery at your home is calmness for your soul, as it leaves you at bay with the chaos of your daily life. Therefore, sense the heavenly sensuous delight of indoor succulent plants by placing the order for Ficus Bonsai tree online. Additionally, staying close to nature is the best thing ever for humans. Thus, choose to buy the indoor plants and satisfy your quest to live besides nature by having a dedicated green area at your home.

Why Ficus Bonsai Live Plant?

Ficus Bonsai is popularly known as Chinese Banyan Bonsai, Curtain Fig, Indian Laurel, Malayan Banyan, etc. However, this healthy organic plant is a must buy for your home if having indoor plants is your passion and a cherishing desire. And if you’re in love with nature, then this plant is definitely a yes for your home garden.

Refrain botheration of seeding the plant, as the live plant of Ficus bonsai live plant is well catered with apt design and soil mixture. Additionally, this indoor plant survives in indoor conditions with minimal effort. Thereby, find peace and calmness by placing the Bonsai tree to your living room and observe the stillness of plants. As this indoor succulent plant graces your home with abundance and wealth.

You get attracted with the aesthetics and alluring glance of the Ficus Bonsai, as the plant instantly grabs your attention when you see it. Moreover, this extraordinarily stylish plant is a loved possession for the plant lovers. Thus, immerse in the beauty of plant by having the plant online from Birthright. And ensure the Ficus Bonsai live plant is away from pets, as the plant is poisonous and might harm them.

If the shape of Ficus Bonsai attracts you? Then buy plants online and revel in green beauty. Moreover the manageable live plant comes in the sturdy pot which makes the interior of your home enticing and exciting. Thus, include the shades of greenery to your home décor and feel enlightened in the purity of nature’s heavenly creation.

Important Points to Remember for Ficus Bonsai

  1. 1. Water your Ficus when the soil gets slightly dry.
  2. 2. Prefer to fertilise your Bonsai once every two week with the liquid fertilisers.
  3. 3. Regular Pruning is required to maintain the beautiful shape of Bonsai.
  4. 4. You can propagate the Bonsai plant through leaf cutting.

Having indoor plants for your home is pious and auspicious as they are the symbol of serenity and peace. Henceforth, acquire the luck and prosperity by having the Ficus Bonsai live plant at your home.

Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

900 – 1200gms


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