Original Sansevieria Snake Plants - Birthright
Original Sansevieria Snake Plants - Birthright

Sansevieria Snake Plant


Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata
Unique Fact: NASA approved air purifier, absorbs toxins like nitrogen oxides & formaldehyde. Releases oxygen at night
Care: Highly resilient plant with relatively low maintenance
Light: Medium and Low light
Water: Once a week
Pet-Friendly: No
Place of Pride: Office table, bedroom, room corners, washroom and places with low light
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy Plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Original Sansevieria Snake Plants

The appealing dark green leaves of the Snake plant are inviting and instilling. Thereby, style your room with the Snake plant’s long pointed leaves as they provide an exceptional texture and balance to your room’s interior.

The Snake plant is scientifically known as Sansevieria snake plants and is a hard-to-kill plant. It has multiple varieties which vary in shades of colour. However, have the terrifically refreshing plant, as the sansevieria indoor plant is one of the oxygen-rich plants and tranquilizes your mood with its green effect. Buy sansevieria snake plant online in India through Birthright’s plants nursery.

Place your sansevieria plant on your study table and add in the tint of greenery to your modern interior. As this stylish plant is a prominent indoor succulent and a must-have for individuals looking forward to have an indoor garden. Hence, compliment your indoor space with the flourishing Snake plant.

The online indoor plant nursery is the best platform to find healthy and quality plants as you receive good soil, adequate germination of plant with a beautiful and sturdy pot for the plant. Additionally, an online indoor plant nursery ensures that the plant reaches you safely in the enclosed packaging.

While contrasting the décor of your room, the green Snake plants remarkably adores the interior of the house. Thus, this one is an apt houseplant.  And is the best suitability for your office desk, as you don’t need to bother for watering or managing it frequently. Thus, have the calmingly crazy sensation by spending time with your indoor succulent plants. And thereby ease your soul and mood.

Why Sansevieria Snake Plant?

Sansevieria Snake plant is an easy to care plant with 9 inches in height. This decorative piece can survive in minimal lighting conditions. And the plant can even sustain itself in drought conditions. Thus, water your plant once in a week. While, the sign of a healthy sansevieria indoor plant is its strong and sturdy leaves.

Snake plants are air purifying plants as they remove harmful elements from the air. However, the growing period of the plant is summer whereas the dormant period for this plant is winter. Thus, ensure you don’t overwater the plant in winters. Howsoever, the average expectancy of this plant is 20 to 25 years.

Prefer to repot the plant only when the root-bound persists, as frequent repotting is not the nature of the sansevieria plant. Meanwhile, sansevieria indoor plants are toxic plants so refrain the access of plants to the pets in the house. Additionally. This plant doesn’t get infected with fungus or unwanted elements easily.

Thus, it’s a necessary inclusion for your home décor. However, this easy-to-maintain plant keeps you happy as the plant circulates its beauty without giving you trouble. Hence, place the stylish and uniquely designed Snake plant pot at your preferred location. And rejoice in the serene environment by having the plant for your home.

Important Points to Remember for Snake Plants

  1. 1. Fertilise the plant in late spring as this is the growing season for the sansevieria indoor plant and avoid fertilising in winters.
  2. 2. Snake plants can be easily propagated through leaf-cutting and root division.
  3. 3. Overwatering the plant can lead to root rot which can further lead to drooping or browning of Snake plant leaves.
  4. 4. Your Snake plant turns yellows due to excessive fertilisers or too much light exposure. The under or over watering is also the reason for sansevieria indoor plants yellowing.

Your search for the plant ends at the online indoor plant nursery in India as the platform consists of several varieties of indoor succulents to beautify your home. And if the Snake plant’s striped leaves are your personal favourite? Then without much ado, place the order for your plant online immediately.

Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

800 – 1000gms


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