Original Golden Money Plant - Birthright
Original Golden Money Plant - Birthright

Golden Money Plant


Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum
Unique Fact: Air Purifier indoor plant which removes indoor pollutants. Believed to bring good luck.
Care: Low maintenance
Light: Low light
Water: Moderate amount of water in the hot, dry season
Pet-Friendly: Yes
Place of Pride: Living room, balcony, bedroom, or in hanging baskets
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Delivered in self watering pot with reservoir to make it ideal as an office plant

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Birthright’s Original Golden Money Plant

Style your room with a Golden Money Plant and enjoy its cherishingly beautiful sight. Moreover, the heart-shaped leaves of the plant are an appealing aspect. Thereby, make the space lively and refreshing by having the defined corner for the Golden Money Plant.

Money Plant, also known as Devil’s Ivy, Pothos, and Golden Pothos. Howsoever, Golden Money Plant is known for reducing harmful pollutants from the air. It’s profoundly recognized to remove carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Hence it acts as an air purifier for the room.

Additionally, the popular Golden Money Plant attracts money, wealth, and abundance. Hence buy Golden money plant online in India and immerse in the green joy. Well, it’s said you can’t buy happiness. But you can be happy by buying succulent indoor plants online in Delhi, India.

Giving that vintage and adorable appearance to your room, the indoor succulent plant, is an admiring beauty. Thus, adorn our home with the aesthetics of green flair and immerse in the grace. Howsoever, uplifting your mind, body, and soul, the houseplants are the best means to keep you in balance and peace. And by enhancing the charming appeal of home décor, we bring about the subtle growth of indoor plant for you.

Choose the shady indoor location for the exposure of sunlight to the plant and enjoy the greenery essence of the plant. Thereby, gift your friend this birthday good luck and abundance by buying the Golden neon plant online. As having the greenery-inspired corner with the placement of succulent plants is solace to the mind and spirit.

Why You Need to Buy Golden Money Plant Online?

Money plant is considered as the climbing vine and is both an indoor and outdoor plant. The overwhelming Golden Money Plant acts like a creeper and beautifully binds to the walls, shelves, or window grill, providing a tropical sensation to your indoor space.

Additionally, Money Plant bears white little flowers. And the lush green leaves of the plant are heart-warming. Thus, pick up your location for the plant at home and place the order by browsing at the golden neon plant online. Thereby, hang your neon money plant like a curtain to your living room and experience the thrilling and sensational vibe.

The bright green colour leaves with its shiny effect is soothing for the eyes. Neon Money plant is a transfusing plant as it has the power to freshen up your mood. Howsoever, buying plants for home is happiness as it lets you live life full size. Thereby, love the spectacular view of your home as the varied pattern of leaves crawling to the space are spellbinding and alluring.

The shiny golden money plant comes in the protective packaging of the green pot with a reservoir to store the excess water. Thus, place it on a tabletop or hang it on your balcony. As Golden Plant is a low maintenance plant and also suits aptly to the air condition environment. Likely, place it at the corner of the room and from adults to youths, everyone is going to love the craft of greenery.

Important Points to Remember for Golden Money Plant

  1. Overwatering or intense direct sunlight to the plant can cause yellowing of leaves.
  2. The reason for the browning of leaves is root rot.
  3. Money plant has the uniqueness to grow in the water and soil.
  4. The indoor golden neon plant is not safe as the leaves of the plant is toxic for pets and children.

Buy Golden Money Plant online in Delhi, India and bring home happiness, fortune, and prosperity. And, Jazz up your room with dazzling leaves of Epipremnum Aureum Plant as plant eases your temperament and freshens you up with its captivating glimpse.


Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

400 – 600gms


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