Buy Original Dracaena Plant - Birthright
Buy Original Dracaena Plant - Birthright

Dracaena (3in1) Plant


Botanical Name:  Dracaena
Unique Fact: The name Dracaena is derived from the Greek ‘drákaina’, which means female dragon.
Care: Low maintenance.
Light: Indirect sunlight.
Water: Sparingly.
Pet-Friendly: Toxic to cats and dogs.
Place of Pride: Semi Shade or Indirect Sunlight.
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid overwatering.
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage.

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Birthright’s Original Dracaena Plant

Dracaena indoor plant is a stunning houseplant capable of mesmerizing your senses, boosting your mood for rest of the day. And as your interior craves for that fresh exotic feel, satisfy your quench by strategically placing the Dracaena plant around your office or home space.

Dracaena Plant has been chosen as the best indoor plant for consecutive years by esteemed names in the plant care business. However, this majestic plant comes in several varieties all having the same potent effect on people.

Dracaena indoor plant has long ornate leaves with red edges and is fondly known as a dragon tree in its native habitat of Madagascar. Most popular varieties include marginata, and compacta which are all distinct beauties in their own right.

But having evergreen foliage of green leaves tinged with red edges gives it the desired texture and feel that infuses harmony and tranquility to your charming home décor.

You can buy Dracaena indoor plants in India online as they come in safe packaging at your doorstep. Hence, bring this ceremonious plant to your prestigious office space or home and ensure a permanent dosage of freshness and exuberance. Highly touted amongst the best indoor plants by the enthusiasts, Dracaena plant enjoys a healthy rapport among the masses. Scroll Down to know how to buy Dracaena Plant in India

Being tough and lasting for years is an add-on bonus with this sturdy plant as the plant doesn’t require much sunlight or watering. Meanwhile, they shed leaves throughout the year and, this is a common occurrence with these plants.

Why You Need to Buy Dracaena Plant Online?

Choosing from popular varieties of this plant is an easy task with many enthusiasts preferring to keep them in a mixed bunch of all varieties. However, the dark trunk of Dracaena with evergreen thin pointy leaves is a stout plant with broad smooth-textured leaves. Additionally, the plant has almost no stem with long needle-shaped leaves protruding from the base of the plant.

A relatively slow grower that grows up to 5 feet in height can look lush green after just growing to a feet height. Some people call them the Bonsai of palm trees due to their long smooth tipped leaves. However, the three lengthy leaves of the plant adjoined intricately provides the interesting and appealing glance to the plant. Therefore, immerse in its captivating greenery.

Being one of the easiest and low-maintenance indoor plants, it is a suitable and perfect indoor plant to adorn your illustrious interiors. Hence, revitalize your home or office space by utilizing this best indoor variety and make your loved ones inquire about this graceful houseplant at length.

The important point to Remember for Dracaena Indoor Plant

  1. This plant requires marginal sunlight and can propagate in low light as well so there is no need to keep the pot of the plant outdoors in direct sunlight.
  2. Water the plant at room temperature. Whereas watering the plant when the topsoil gets fully dry.
  3. Yellow leaves indicate a thirsty plant or under watering and brown leaves indicate root rot which means overwatering. Thus, keep the balance for water to have the proper growth of the plant.
  4. Repotting should be taken care of once in 2 years in fresh or the same pots during the spring season.
  5. This plant prefers humidity. So go for the regular misting to avoid the dryness of leaves.

Buy your own Dracaena indoor plant from Birthright in Delhi and bring home a breath of fresh air to customize your indoor aptly. As Dracaena indoor plants is regarded the best indoor plant, let this magical plant sparkle the luscious indoor setting and bring peace to your mind.


Plant height with pot

35-40 cms

Pot width

15 cms

Package weight

800-1200 gms


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