Delosperma Ice Plant - Birthright
Delosperma Ice Plant - Birthright

Delosperma Ice Plant


Botanical Name: Delosperma cooperi
Unique Fact: A rare plant with attractive foliage and colorful, daisy-like flowers
Care: Low maintenance
Light: Bright indirect sun
Water: Once in 7-10 days
Pet-Friendly: Yes
Place of Pride: Windows with adequate sunlight, great for terrariums
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Original Delosperma Ice Plant

Delosperma Ice Plant enriches your ostentatious interiors, showcasing spectacular gentility through its evergreen presence. Thus, get this famed variety of indoor succulents by placing order for indoor plant at Birthright.

This succulent native to South African mountains boasts of being fascinating yet tenacious, giving your home decor that ancillary tinge of lavishness. The splendid yellow flowers of the plant boost your desire and temperament for the Delosperma Ice plant and endows a pleasing experience.

Complementing your space with a refreshing aura, the plants add warmness to your interiors with character and ambiance. However, Delosperma Ice Plant has a unique trait of blooming amidst the springtime.

You can buy delosperma indoor plants online in India, as we assure quality and variety. Being a hardy succulent, this plant requires a healthy amount of sunlight and enjoys partial shade during day times, and can also be grown indoors in ample sunlight. However, you must place your plant exposed to sunlight, where the succulent can receive at least four hours of sunlight.

Delosperma Ice plant cleverly expanses the beauty. Thus, place this indoor succulent to an office desk and revel in its serenity. Buy indoor plants online and never worry about cultivating any plant from the seed. Thereby, order it online for conceiving the sublime texture and aura of the Delosperma Ice Plant in your stately home interior.

Why Delosperma Ice Plant?

Being a succulent alpine plant, Delosperma Ice Plants has several features that makes it stand apart. The plant bears fleshy leaves growing on a trailing stem. Springs bolsters the spawning of bright yellow flowers around the green foliage which, lasts until the end of summer.

The name “Ice Plant” relates to its ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures effectively. This ability enhances the pervasive atmosphere, creating a stimulating feel throughout your interiors. Additionally, Delosperma Ice plant forges dense mat umbrage that facilitates its growth in a container or pot. You can also find us by searching “delosperma ice plant succulent plant shop” in Delhi

A healthy dose of water during the summers keeps it bright green while blooming bountiful flowers. This plant can recreate the aura of your living space with its presence promoting creativity and peace of mind. The plant’s exotic variety embraces every living space and bolster through its pattern and vibes.

Rekindle the lively mood with this evergreen succulent which is also pretty low on maintenance. You need to water it once in a while and enjoy its presence in your prestigious interiors. However, getting this plant online is the easiest route to own a piece of tranquillity without the effort of visiting nurseries in vain. As of now, you can order customized pots for the plant depending upon your need.

Important Points to Remember for Delosperma Plant

  1. 1. Low maintenance doesn’t means no maintenance so make sure the plant gets ample sunlight during mornings for few hours. And keep the plant in shade during daytime, exposing it to evening sunlight.
  2. 2. Giving too much water or even watering it daily could lead to rotting and blackening of the leaves that is hardly acceptable. Additionally, don’t use cold water for watering the plant.
  3. 3. The advised mode for the propagation of this plant is cutting leaves, stems, or offsets and can be easily rooted at the advent of summers.
  4. 4. Best grown in a garden with gravel or alpine trough as it helps discharge excess water to the soil.

Get this fascinating succulent to enhance your majestic interiors, and buy delosperma indoor plants online in Delhi, India today. Furthermore, it won’t take long for this exquisite variety to take center stage in your home décor, augmenting it with a grandiose feel and appearance.

Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

200 – 400gms


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