Original Kalanchoe Succulent Plant - Birthright
Original Kalanchoe Succulent Plant - Birthright

Kalanchoe Succulent Plant


Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Unique Fact: Furry leaves and is believed to bring wealth & prosperity
Care: Low maintenance
Light: Bright light and indirect sunlight in summer
Water: Once a week
Pet-Friendly: No
Place of Pride: Windows and shelves with bright light
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Original Kalanchoe Succulent Plant

Place the order for an indoor plant online and enjoy the refreshingly vibrant green aesthetics. As the captivating Kalanchoe succulent’s thick green leaves are alluring and cherishing. However, its furry textured leaves are the symbol of prosperity and lucky charm.

kalanchoe plants is a popular perennial houseplant. And this bushy plant grows upward. This plant can be easily propagated through cutting. Kalanchoe comes from the coast of southern Africa. Hence it cannot thrive on the frigid temperature.

This ornamental plant beautifully and elegantly transforms the indoor and outdoor space. Furthermore, having the plant of Kalanchoe enhances the energetic vibration of your home. As this plant can modify the vibrations of room with positivity and grace.

Additionally, there are endless reasons why you should have indoor plants but the foremost reason to have the plant is to enhance the work productivity and achieve focus and concentration. Hence buy the pot of Kalanchoe Succulent for your child’s study table or your office table. Thereby, bring good luck to your home as the indoor succulents are considered the best as per Feng Shui.

Why You Need to Buy Kalanchoe Plant Online?

Kalanchoe is a winter plant and they bloom in winters if the proper care and attention are laid. Kalanchoe is easy to grow and maintain the plant. Thus a must-have for every indoor plant admirer. You can also find us by searching “kalanchoe plants shop near me” in India.

The beautiful succulent is a unique plant with a warming appearance and feel. Thus by the indoor plants online and revive the sensational appearance of your balcony. And watch your plant grow each day by enjoying the lasting grace.

Buying indoor plants online in India is comfortable and convenient as you just have to select the plant and your plant comes to your doorstep with a strong and sturdy white pot.

However, Birthright takes special care and attention in delivering the indoor succulent plant. Additionally, our safe packaging and specially curated plants is happiness to receive.

Select the location for your indoor plant and match it to your style. As the delightedness of the home décor cum eco- friendly space is pleasing. Kalanchoe Succulent stands out from the rest of indoor plant because of its unique spread of leaves and appearance. Hence, pick up this favourite indoor plant and immerse in perfect blend of green essence. As we have limited stock for this plant

Having the indoor plant at home is auspicious and calming. As plants speaks the language of peace and beauty. So, having the Kalanchoe succulent can bring about peace and serenity to your home’s balcony or office table. Thereby, fulfil your desire of having an indoor plant for your home.

Or, gift your relatives this festive occasion the pot of happiness by buying the indoor plants online in Delhi. Howsoever, indoor plants are the best gifting alternative for people of any age. Because plants are brightening and happening, thus get inspired and spread inspiration for the green plants by going green.

Important Points to Remember for Kalanchoe Succulent

  1. You must not overwater the plant, as it might lead to root rot, and eventually, the plant can die. Thus, you should routinely water the plant twice a week.
  2. Your Kalanchoe plant can wilt or dry if you don’t water it.
  3. Kalanchoe requires bright sunlight of 4-5 hours per day to sustain properly.
  4. Kalanchoe succulent require an apt amount of fertilizers every 2 weeks to continue with favourable growth and development.

Style the décor of your home with Kalanchoe succulent and bloom your room with the love for greenery. And have a blissful day, flaunting the amicable beauty indoor plant. Thereby, simplify your décor with indoor succulent plant as the upright leaves of the Kalanchoe is refreshing and calming.


Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

300 – 500gms


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