Buy Chinese Elm Bonsai Plant - Birthright
Buy Chinese Elm Bonsai Plant - Birthright

Chinese ELM Plant


Botanical Name: Ulmus parvifolia
Unique Fact: Air purifying, believed to be a symbol of love, calm & wisdom
Care: Low maintenance
Light: Indirect sunlight
Water: Twice a week
Pet-Friendly: Yes
Place of Pride: Balcony and room corners with bright light
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Original Chinese Elm Bonsai

Create a delightful and heavenly experience for your balcony or entrance of your home, as Chinese Elm Bonsai is an incredibly ravishing outdoor plant for a home. Here you can buy bonsai plant in India by Birthright’s online plants nursery.

Chinese Elm Bonsai referred to as Ulmus Parvifolia, is a popular Bonsai species for its unique and peculiar design. As its small green leaves create an extraordinary glimpse of the plant, it’s a suitable Bonsai plant for your study table due to its compact yet elegant appearance.

Chinese Elm is a deciduous tree species which means the tree prefers outdoor lighting. And for the indoor setting, your Chinese Elm Bonsai must be kept at the Window side. So it’s both an indoor and outdoor plant. Howsoever, having the outdoor plant at home or office is engaging and connecting with nature. Therefore, have the peacefully calming sensation by this refreshing plant.

It’s a strong and everlasting plant. However, Chinese Elm grows in the clusters of fine branches and, it has small oval-shaped leaves that create a distinctive grace. And the dense structure of the branches is the attraction appeal of the plant.

However, being an outdoor plant for home, this Bonsai is the perfect match for your home garden. Hence, Jewel the décor of your home with decorative lights and mesmerize in the scintillating effect of greenery matched with artificial lighting. As the captivating Chinese Elm Bonsai adorns the space of your garden with intricate style and pattern of the plant.

Why You Need to Buy Chinese Elm Bonsai Online?

Chinese Elm is an outdoor plant for the home. And the luscious green color of the plant is soothing and eye-catching. Furthermore, the longevity of plants is compelling and intriguing. And the infinite age of the plant is an interesting aspect of the plant. Therefore, having this plant is pleasure for the years to come. Hence, allure in the enriching look and appearance of the plant.

Moreover, this plant doesn’t like droughts so make sure you water the plant regularly. Herein, daily misting is the best solution to maintain the humidity level for the plant. Furthermore, you can save your dying plant by following the simple procedure to protect it.

Immerse in the love for greenery and cherish your temperament with the soothing greenery of the plant as the small pot of Chinese Elm Bonsai is amusing and lovely. However, having the Bonsai is prosperous and best for enhancing the energetic vibrations of the plant. So feel the love for greenery and buy chinese elm bonsai plants online in Delhi, India.

Important Points to Remember for Chinese Elm Bonsai

  1. 1. The best time to water your Bonsai is when the soil turns dry. As overwatering the plant can result in withering away of leaves.
  2. 2. Use the liquid fertilizers during the growing season to have the healthy and prosperous growth of the plant and avoid fertilizing the plant in winters.
  3. 3. You must go for regular pruning to maintain the beautiful shape and appearance of the plant. And use sharp scissors to discard the unwanted leaves.
  4. 4. You can repot the plant every 2-3 years, if you find the roots circling the soil. Hence, frequent repotting is not the requirement for Chinese Elm Bonsai.
  5. 5. If your Chinese Elm Bonsai is losing its leaves, then it’s the result of improper watering and light.

This delicate and tender outdoor plant stands exceptionally well on your balcony. However, this is a favourite plant of every plant lover, as its aura and design are enigmatic and ravishing. So feel freshen and revived in the presence of Chinese Elm Bonsai by placing the order for the plant online from Birthright.



Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

900 – 1200gms


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