Original Kokedama Chinese Elm - Birthright
Original Kokedama Chinese Elm - Birthright

Kokedama Chinese Elm Plant


Botanical Name: Ulmus Parvifolia
Unique Fact: Air purifying, believed to be a symbol of love, calm & wisdom
Care: Low maintenance.. Light: Indirect sunlight
Water: Twice a week.. Pet-Friendly: Yes
Place of Pride: Balcony and room corners with bright light.. Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage
Instructions: Place your kokedama twice a week in the water to soak the water.
Feel the weight of the ball. If the ball feels heavy, no water is needed.
Fertilize your kokedama monthly with a liquid, indoor plant fertilizer.

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Birthright’s Original Kokedama Chinese Elm

Are you thinking to transform your living room’s look? Then, bring home the stunningly chilling Kokedama Chinese Elm plant and flaunt your indoor space like never before. Thereby, revive your mood in the lap of greenery. As this one’s an easy to care and stylish plant with intriguing and compelling appearance.

This succulent indoor plant has a live moss ball with no pot and is the traditional Japanese art form known as Kokedama. The little twigged stem of the plant with cherishing green leaves forms a beautiful sight for your living room. Hence, find peace and warmth by buying Kokedama Chinese Elm online in India. And brighten your room with the splash of greenery.

Go green and have a rare and exotic selection of plants for your room. As this attractive plant is the new love for greenery freak individuals. Likely, enhance the look of your dull interior with the freshness of Kokedama Chinese Elm. And amp up the dull corner of your home with the collection of terrific indoor plants.

Additionally, choose to buy chinese elm outdoor plants online as they come in assorted size and manageable growth of the plant. Howsoever, this handy and portable bonsai plant is easy to maintain. So, you can keep the moss ball of the plant suspended to a height or place it in the dish. And observe the dazzling effect of the plant.

Dive in the charismatically alluring beauty of the green plant and have the indoor plant for your table top. And experience the heavenly delight of indoor succulent plants. As observing the growth of indoor plant is nature’s love.

Why Need to Buy Kokedama Chinese Elm Online?

The miniature tree of Kokedama Chinese Elm can last for years. Thus, let your life blossom like an old bonsai and bring about a smile on your face. Additionally, your indoor plant to your study table top is your life companion. As they prove to be the best and loyal friends to talk to.

Kokedama Chinese elm is a deciduous tree. Hence it’s most likely to shed off its leaves in the months of winter. The attractive moss ball of the plant is the attraction appeal. Thus by the plant online and simply place the plant on the tray as the plant survives in minimal watering and lighting conditions. If you need to buy bonsai plant in India you can visit Birthright’s nursery.

This latest and trendy Kokedama is crafted with love and compassion. From pleasant feel to imbibing the refreshing environment, this fancy indoor succulent enhances the aura of rooms. From the world of indoor plants, we provide the best quality indoor plants that are worth having for your home. Moreover, the charm of the plant uplifts the mundane atmosphere. As the unique design of Kokedama Chinese elm tree is breath-taking.

Observe the cherishing calmness of the plant and indulge in its serene beauty by having an adorable indoor plant for your office. However, Kokedama is known to benefit from the aspects of psychological and health issues. Thus, spend time with your green plant and heal your wounds and scars. As the staying besides greenery is an ultimate pleasure.

Important Points to Remember for Kokedama Chinese Elm

  1. The plant must get exposed to enough sunlight.
  2. Water the plant when the moss ball turns dry. And submerge the moss ball in water every 6-9 days for 5 minutes.
  3. Fertilize the plant once a month by spraying the liquid Bonsai feed or Baby bio.

Transform the aesthetics appeal of the place with zestful green space. And declutter the chaos of your mind by having the most beautiful corner of the home, adorned with fascinating set of indoor plants. Nevertheless, the Kokedama Chinese Elm is a masterpiece of grace and elegance.

Plant height with pot

30-40 cms

Pot width

12-14 cm

Package weight

800-1200 gm


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