Buy Black Hydroton Clay Balls
Buy Black Hydroton Clay Balls

Clay Balls (Black) For Plant


  • Pack of 500gm.
  • Clay pebbles are also known as expanded clay pebbles or hydrotons.
  • They do absorb and retain water, making them useful for hydroponic and other forms of indoor gardening.
  • Used in hydroponics, aquaponics, indoor gardening, aquariums etc.
  • Clay pebbles are a growing medium that is most commonly used in hydroponic gardening.
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Birthright’s Black Clay Balls for Plants

It’s amusing and interesting to grow plants without soil. You must be wondering, but how is that possible? Well, clay balls are the living reality. Hence, buy the pack of black hydroton clay balls in India for gardening as they are reusable and environment friendly. Thus, it doesn’t pollute the environment.

The organic hydrotons are the must have for the indoor succulent plant. So purchase clay balls for plants and stay reassured of the plant’s sustainability and growth as Hydroton are trusted and reliable.

Buy hydrotons or clay pebbles in India, These light weight balls are marble sized and are rarely referred as LECA (light Expanded Clay Aggregate). Howsoever, as the minimal amount of clay balls in India is required to prepare the balls. Hence the black clay pebbles are environmentally sustainable. Additionally, Hydroton can be used several times as it’s a mineral.

Specialities of Black Clay Pebbles for Hydroton Clay Balls

1. Porous:

With the ability to retain water, the balls ensure adequate drainage system, as the clay pebbles for plant pots are equipped with tiny pores which makes it viable and prevents the plant from overwatering.

2. Adequate Ph Level:

The clay balls have neutral PH level, which makes it nor too acidic or basic. Hence your plants remain safe from diseases and other health related issues.

3. Preparation:

As the clay pellets or clay pebbles are manufactured in high temperature, they become sterile and in turn protects your garden from bacteria and fungus. The hydroton clay balls are the must have for every gardener as it retains prosperous growth of the plant. However, black clay balls are adaptable to all kinds of plants including both indoors and outdoors.

4. Effective:

Clay balls for plants retains its shape, therefore it exchanges optimal oxygen, and thereby keeps the roots of the plant healthy. And the uniqueness of clay is that is doesn’t get any root rot because you half water the pot which maintains aeration between the hydrotons doesn’t allow the root to rot.

5. Feasibility:

Clay balls are easy to use and best for the beginner planters. Furthermore, hydroton clay balls has the ability to easily harvest and transplant. Howsoever, clay pebbles require water for the plant to survive. Hence, supply of water for the hydrotons depends upon the plant and size of the pot.

How to Use Black Clay Balls?

Soak the clay balls for 12 to 14 hours in water before using the pebbles. You are recommended to clean the hydrotons before using as it might be dusty or can cause clogging issues.

Thereafter, place the clay pebbles to the bottom of pot and ensure that the roots of the plant is free from soil. Thus, gently washing the roots of the plant with water. And enjoy the privilege of growing plants through black clay balls.

Black Clay Balls, a Trendy Growing Media for Plants

Clay pebbles are an ideal growing medium for your indoor plants. As they are the suitable match for your houseplants. Furthermore, they have a great balance between the moisture and airflow. Besides all of this the LECA is stylish and cool alternative to décor your indoor plant with colorful pebbles.

Additionally, hydrotons are pure natural clay that are super light in weight. The specialties of hydrotons are that they are inorganic, fungus free, neutral Ph value and they don’t rot.

Furthermore, you can also use clay balls for the drainage system of your plant. And you can do the same by placing the clay pebbles to the bottom of pot. Or you can place the clay pebbles to the top soil to retain the moisture of the plants.


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