Buy Haworthia Plant Online - Birthright
Buy Haworthia Plant Online - Birthright

Haworthia Plant


Botanical Name: Haworthiopsis attenuate
Unique Fact: A succulent that stores water in its body
Care: Low maintenance
Light: Plenty of sun or bright light
Water: Once in a week
Pet-Friendly: Yes
Place of Pride: Office table, balcony, window, and places with bright light
Watch-Out Tip: Better under-watered than over-watered
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Original Haworthia Plant

Haworthia Fasciata called Haworthia. As it looks exceptionally attractive in unusual containers, whereas the stimulating soil mixes make the plant a perfect match for any indoor space! Henceforth, tranquilize your mood and buy the Haworthia plant online in India.

The Haworthia Fasciata plant is a miniature succulent native to South Africa and is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. It is categorized by its architectural structure, typically introverted columns which form layers. Though this can differ widely between varieties and even within the same species. The plant comes in two different forms where one is the Zebra Haworthia and, another one is the Haworthia Coarctata.

With welcoming pleasantness, and by removing impurities, the indoor succulent plants are transcending. Therefore, breathe the refreshing air. However, strikingly fascinating indoor plant is captivating and beholding. As it instantly revives your mind and soul whereas the trapping beauty of the plant are lasting and rejuvenating.

Moreover, this is a hard-to-Kill plant because it can survive in artificial medium light and only need to be lightly watered about 1-2 tbsps., once a month! As Haworthia Fasciata plant are adaptable to sunny or partial shade conditions where they can sustain without water even for a month. Furthermore, Zebra plants don’t need much effort when it comes to watering. And over-watering is the main reason for the plant to die.

Why You Need to Buy Haworthia Fasciata Plant Online in India?

Haworthia Plant is precisely a small succulent indoor plant that reaches up to 5 to 8-inches in height. Haworthia Fasciata plant has thick, dark green leaves with bumps of white nodules on the external surface, and are bunched collectively to give a “Zebra” effect. However, this plant is often misguided for aloe because of their similar shape.

Unlike any other succulents, Zebra plants do well even in medium and low light conditions, which is usually found in an indoor setting. Therefore, indoor Haworthia Zebra hardly goes into dormancy. Because it doesn’t require intense sunlight as compared to other outdoor plants.

With luxurious essence and mesmerizing sensation, the rich appearance of Haworthia indoor plant for interiors is the best. Furthermore, with the exclusivity of rare selection, you find amusing indoor plant with Birthright. Howsoever, plant care for indoor plants is pretty easy. And if even if you find the leaves yellow and brown, it’s feasible to maintain the growth of plant later on.

The plant tends to grow slowly. Therefore, it doesn’t invade your desk space, office table, balcony, and window. Howsoever, this Haworthia Fasciata plant comes in a white compact and shiny pot with a reservoir to store excess water. Additionally, you can grow your Haworthia plant in straight pumice, but you would require water and fertilizers.

The Important Tips to Remember for Haworthia Plant

  1. 1. The plant thrives in bright indirect to direct light and can tolerate medium indirect light.
  2. 2. Water the plant every 2-3 weeks with indirect light and allow the soil to dry out between watering. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light.
  3. 3. Fertilize Haworthia plant with an appropriate, balanced, reputable plant fertilizer once in the winter and spring.
  4. 4. But if you are located where the temperature gets colder than 30° Fahrenheit, it is recommended to grow this succulent in a pot where it can easily be brought indoors to ensure the plant’s health. Whereas the average home temperature for the plant is 65°F-75°F.

Haworthia is indeed a popular succulent for good reason. As they are adorable and easy to care for!  Thus, buy the Haworthia plant in Delhi, India and enjoy its stunning greenery. Additionally, select a spot where they can get as much natural light as possible, like south or east-facing windowsill.

Plant height with pot

15-20 cm

Pot width


Package Weight

300 – 500gms


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