Buy Original Echeveria Plant - Birthright
Buy Original Echeveria Plant - Birthright

Echeveria Plant


Botanical Name: Echeveria
Unique Fact: Most attractive of all succulents
Care: Low maintenance, keep at 15-35 degree Celsius
Light: Full sun
Water: Moderate amount of water in the hot, dry season
Pet-Friendly: Yes
Place of Pride: Places with bright sunlight
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Original Echeveria Plant

Echeveria plant, a perfect succulent indoor plant adorably, sparks your indoor spaces and mesmerizes you with its thick green leaves webbed in rosettes. Serving the purpose of enhancing the décor with elegance, this plant is a premium choice for every indoor plant enthusiast. 

Buy echeveria plants online in India and make your living area lively and scintillating with the Echeveria plant. As this indoor plant transfuses an ultimate texture and feel. With minimal exposure to sunlight, the succulent plant is an ideal selection for your office workspace. Henceforth, revive the energy of your office with the tranquillity of greenery and enhance the interior with the splash of this indoor plant.

With the touch of elegance and serenity, the indoor plants intensify the atmosphere of the room. Complementing the décor, and providing a calming and soothing effect, having Echeveria plant is exceptionally heart-warming and inviting. So, place it in the corner and utilize its beauty and freshness optimally. Thereby, have an awesome time as a prolific indoor succulent plant provides heavenly delight with its pleasing and magnificent appearance.

Buy the plants online and leave the tension of germinating the plants from its roots. As we provide the compact size plant ready for you in the pot. The stylish pot with a reservoir to hold the excess water while watering defines the green corner of your home. Additionally, the compact size of the pot adjusts to any side table or tabletop.

Why Do You Need to Buy an Echeveria Plant Online?

Echeveria is popularly known from varied names, and they are Hens and Chicks, Ghost Echeveria, Mexican Snowball, Echeveria Elegance, etc. The plant belongs to the Crassulaceae family. However, the flower-shaped plant forming the beautiful foliage of leaves is captivating and fascinating.

Echeveria plant has the specialty to bloom as it bears red bell-shaped flowers. It’s an easy plant to separate and grow. As the succulent plant can be grown from leaf cuttings. Moreover, well-drained soil is the apt selection for this plant. However, adjust the indoor plant to your favourite corner and immerse in its sensuous charm.

This is the plant for your home, providing a relaxing and refreshing zest to the eyes. The plant is a must-have for every home as it purifies the air with its impeccable beauty and trance. Additionally the extravagantly lavish, Echeveria plant serves as the perfect gifting alternative for the festive season.

Moreover, as it’s low in maintenance, you need to water the plant once a week. Therefore, buy the plants online as you don’t need to roam around to the outdoor plant’s nursery to find the best assortment of plants in stylish pots. Conclusively, utilize the Echeveria indoor plant for uplifting the mood. Here you can buy echeveria indoor plant online in India.

The Important Tips to Remember for Echeveria

  1. 1. This plant requires subtle sunrays of 5 to 6 hours to survive. Therefore, it’s recommended to have exposure to either morning or late afternoon sunlight. As overexposure to heat from the sun can burn the leaves.
  2. 2. If the plant’s leaves are turning black then it’s a clear indication of root rot which is caused due to too much watering.
  3. 3. Echeveria is a non-toxic plant and it’s safe for pets and humans.
  4. 4. This plant is not used to the extreme frigid temperature. Hence, sunlight is essential for the plant to survive in winters.

Transform your room with an exquisite selection of indoor plant and flaunt the décor with an exciting ceramic pot. As this indoor plant is a great addition to your flawless interior. Thereby style the décor of your home with the Echeveria plant and enjoy the charisma by placing it at the central location of the room.

Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

250 – 450gms


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