Original Jade Plant Bonsai - Birthright
Original Jade Plant Bonsai - Birthright

Jade Plant

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Botanical Name: Crassula ovate
Unique Fact: It brings good luck, wealth, prosperity and good fortune
Care: Low maintenance
Light: Bright light indoors
Water: Twice a week in summer. Once in a week in winter
Pet-Friendly: No
Place of Pride: Wall corners and places with indirect sunlight
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Original Jade Plant Bonsai

Buy jade plant online in India and gift the unique and memorable plant to your loved ones and let them cherish its greenery forever. Additionally, buy this gorgeous plant for your office to attract fortune and success as the plant reflects energetic vibrations to the business owner and home residents.

Jade plant scientifically known as Crassula ovata, is popularly recognized as money plant, lucky plant, or friendship tree. As the plant is also referred to as a money tree, it has become a common houseplant everywhere. It is a succulent plant with small white or pink flowers and has its origin in South Africa. Visit here to buy Jade plant online in India at best price.

With age, the jade plant succulent becomes woody and brown. And if kept properly under favorable conditions, this plant blooms with tiny pink or white star-shaped flowers during the spring season. Meanwhile, this houseplant is magnetic and spellbinding. Thus fantasize the alluringly beautiful indoor plant and adorn the grace of your home.

The jade plant is identified for its bonsai ability. Hence, if pruning is correct, it gets the form of bonsai. With a life span of more than two years, this perennial plant is durable and attractive for indoor or outdoor spaces of your home and office. Either, place it on a rack or shelf and enjoy the greenery. Nonetheless, bring the sense of stillness to your interior design and connect with the nature.

Why You Need to Buy Jade Plant Online?

The jade plant has thick branches and is evergreen in nature. It has smooth, thick, and shiny leaves which grows in parallel pairs along the branches. The leaves of this plant are dark rich green, although few leaves may appear yellow-green. However, if the plant is exposed to extreme sunlight variations it may develop a red tone on the border of the leaves.

The nature of the jade plant bonsai is indoor. Thus, it requires semi-shade and can be watered once in 5 days. Nonetheless, it also absorbs co2 at night and acts as an indoor air purifier. Therefore, with least maintenance of light and water, this plant is a must have for your home.

According to Feng Shui, jade plant succulent are excellent house warming gifts for friends and relatives as it brings charm and promote both prosperity and wealth. This beautiful plant also makes a great gift for those who are venturing into a new business or life. Moreover, Jade plant bonsai with flowers is a sign of harmony and growth.

This jade plant bonsai comes with a white shiny round ceramic pot which you can place at any table or corner of the house to bring good luck. However, the plant’s rich leaves add a remarkable and beautiful presence to your interior. It can also be placed on the balcony of your home, where you can feel positive energy while enjoying the morning weather.

Important Tips to Remember for Jade Plant

  1. 1. Jade plant bonsai requires adequate sunshine to grow properly. Its care and maintenance depends on how much sunlight they are receiving? For healthy growth, you should keep this plant once a week under the intense sunlight. But they can also grow well in light shade or indoors.
  2. 2. The Jade plant does not require water on a schedule. You can water them if the top of the soil becomes dry to touch. If you overwater your plant, the leaves become pale yellow and begin to rot.
  3. 3. Like all the other succulents, this plant also needs well-draining soil and grows adequately in the pots with apt grit and sand.

Buy jade plant online in Delhi, India and boost the aura and environment of your home and office. As this fabulous plant is low in maintenance and rewards the owner for its fascinating look, and adds warmth & vibrancy to the indoor space.


Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

800 – 1000gms


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