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Ficus Bonsai Plant (5 years old)


Botanical Name: Ficus ginseng
Unique Fact: It is known as ‘Chinese Banyan Tree’. It purifies the surrounding air
Care: Low maintenance
Light: Full Sun, partial shade in summer (May, June)
Water: Daily in summer and thrice a week in winter
Pet-Friendly: No
Place of Pride: Balcony, terrace, window and places with direct sunlight
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s 5 Years Old Ficus Bonsai Plant

Check out our gorgeous selection of Ficus Bonsai plant 5 years old and, beautify your home with the previously crafted indoor succulent plant. As this evergreen woody plant requires minimal care and tolerates low light, you can place the plant at your favorite place to add elegance to your home. You can also buy Ficus bonsai plants online in India through Birthright’s online nursery.

Ficus Bonsai plant is a popular bonsai tree species for Bonsai houseplant lovers. Also known as Chinese Banyan or Common Fig, this evergreen Bonsai plant grows naturally in South Asia. With more than 100 species, the Ficus plant’s botanical name is Ficus Ginseng and are natural dwarfs that serve as an excellent indoor plant for beginners.

You can buy ficus bonsai online in India to grow them indoors, but make sure you place them on a sunny window, terrace, or balcony as they need direct sunlight for their survival. Morning sunlight is good for their health but in the afternoon, leaves get damaged due to the extreme sunlight.

Ficus Bonsai indoor plant is not very fond of sudden changes, so make gradual moves. Furthermore, this plant has the tendency to survive in the humidity of the air-conditioned house. But you can use a humidity plate under your plant to maintain the humidity level.

This appealing plant comes with a shiny ceramic pot having the reservoir to store excess water during watering. And the best way to know whether your Ficus Bonsai indoor plant requires watering is to lift it. And through its weight, you can sense whether your Bonsai needs water or not.

Why You Need to Buy Ficus Bonsai Plant Online?

Most of the Ficus Bonsai plant generates aerial roots. Therefore, they are referred to as banyan trees. They are presented in appealing Bonsai plant creations with several roots over rock styles, or aerial root growth. The humidity level of 100 percent must be maintained artificially to allow aerial root growth in your house. You can also find us “ficus bonsai plant near me” in Delhi, India.

Aerial roots grow downwards from the branches and emerge as well-built pillar-shaped trunks once they extend to the soil. However, the leaves of the plant also have pointed tips so that the water drips off naturally.

By applying some pressure, Ficus plants can merge by placing roots, trunks, or branches together to form an alluring shape. This innovative technique is known as approach grafting. In this, you can bind together several young plants and combine them to build a single strong trunk.

However, Ficus bonsai plant roots and branches are easy to graft if the growing conditions are favorable.

Additionally, you can also buy this evergreen Bonsai plant as a gift for your near and dear ones, for promoting positivity in the environment. But make sure to keep them out of the reach of pets as they are poisonous.

Important Tips to Remember for Ficus Bonsai Plant

  1. 1. Ficus Bonsai plants require watering whenever the soil gets dry. It is advisable to water them daily in summers and thrice a week during winters to maintain humidity. You can mist them daily but too much watering can generate fungal problems in the plant.
  2. 2. Fertilizing the Bonsai plant is necessary for its health as the nutrients in the soil disappear rapidly with the water. So, the right time for fertilizing your Bonsai is when you see new growth during the spring season. You can use a chemical or organic liquid fertilizer diluted to one-half strength.
  3. 3. The spring season is the ideal time for sowing Ficus plant seeds. Whereas cutting leaves is the other way of propagation that can be done throughout the year. But the success rate of repotting is high during summer. Whereas, air layering works excellent during the spring season.

In Feng Shui, they are also considered as good luck plants and attract prosperity, fortune, and wealth. Additionally, buy Ficus Bonsai plants to enhance the look of your house and also purify the surroundings as they are natural air purifiers.

Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

1.5 – 2kgs


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