Pink Clay Pebbles - Birthright
Pink Clay Pebbles - Birthright

Clay Balls (Pink) For Plant


  • Pack of 500gm.
  • Clay pebbles are also known as expanded clay pebbles or hydrotons.
  • They do absorb and retain water, making them useful for hydroponic and other forms of indoor gardening.
  • Used in hydroponics, aquaponics, indoor gardening, aquariums etc.
  • Clay pebbles are a growing medium that is most commonly used in hydroponic gardening.
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Birthright’s Original Pink Clay Pebbles

Buy pink clay balls for plants as it’s enriched with several properties, like adequate drainage system, imposes humidity, and with ability to retain excess water and nutrients. And as these clay pebbles include, the attraction appeals to your fancy indoor plant pot. Thereby, add color and grace to your interior by having pink clay balls.

Hydroton Clay pebbles also known as scientifically LECA which means light expanded clay aggregate, exactly refers to the heating of clay at extremely high temperature. Thereafter the clay when baked, pops into light weight clay pebbles.

The clay pebbles are the best selection for plants that are grown from cutting of stems. However, clay pebbles come with reduced risk of having pests, or any other harmful elements to the plant.

Unique Features of Pink Clay Pebbles

Hydrated: Clay balls for plant pots are suggested due to its potency to stay hydrated for a longer period of time. Thus, the Hydroton clay balls or clay pebbles become the apt solution for your home garden, balcony or indoor succulent plant.

Adequate Airflow: As the clay pebbles are stacked on another, they have enough air flow amongst each other.  Furthermore, as clay balls are light in weight, it allows the seamless flow of oxygen. Henceforth, with the advantage of better air circulation, the clay balls become the optimal solution for measuring the health and status of roots.

Porous: The water retaining capacity of the clay pebbles for plant pots is optimum so you don’t need to water your plants frequently. Additionally, Pink Clay Pebbles are best for fragile root growth. However, it’s easy to watch the growth of roots, which in turn protects the plant from root rot or overwatering.

Reusable: Clay pebbles are reusable and can be washed again and again to reuse it. Thus, the clay pebbles are the most cost effective solution for gardeners. As it can be used endlessly.

PH Value: As a clay ball’s Ph is neutral. Hence, they are neither basic or acidic. And turns out to be best for indoor succulent plants especially for the leafy plants.

How to Use Pink Clay Pebbles For Plant Pots?

You must rinse the clay pebbles thoroughly, because you don’t want any debris or dust of clay in your pot. However, the clay balls are versatile and an advantageous alternate from soil. It’s porous and has the capacity to hold enough water.

Thereafter, pink clay balls can be placed at the top layer of the soil, which can further retain the efficient growth of the plant. Or can be placed at the bottom of the pot to ensure an adequate drainage system. Visit here to buy pink clay pebbles in India through the Birthright’s online store.

Buy Clay Pebbles Online, an Ultimate Solution for Modern Plantation

Pink Clay pebbles are an excellent growing medium for indoor plants. Indeed, a must buy for the indoor plants lover. As it’s again low in maintenance like your indoor plants. The best part about the clay balls is that they are cheap and reusable. Moreover, clay pebbles are in trend and a modernized approach towards growing the plant. And as it’s lightly and sparingly packed, clay pebbles allow the plant to expand easily and stretch its roots. Conclusively, it doesn’t create pressure on plants.

Contrary to this coco peat is tightly packed and restricts the growth or expansion of plants in comparison to clay pebbles. Furthermore, as clay pebbles are eco-friendly, it doesn’t harm the environment in general because it’s made up of clay.

Additionally, the Hydroton Clay Pebbles are non- toxic and tasteless. However, they are environment friendly and absolutely safe and preventive. Likely, it doesn’t infect the plant in any way. Lastly, Hydrotons or leca balls are widely used in India by farmers and gardeners.

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