Crassula Campfire Plant - Birthright
Crassula Campfire Plant - Birthright

Campfire Crassula Plant


Botanical Name: Crassula Capitella
Unique Fact: Classic plants for rock gardens! Wonderful for combination plantings
Care: Low maintenance
Light: Full sun
Water: Allow soil to dry between thorough watering
Pet-Friendly: No
Place of Pride: Windows and places with adequate sunlight
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Original Crassula Campfire

Buy Crassula Campfire plant in India, if you are looking towards including vibrancy to your garden, balcony or living room. As its eye-catching branches are colorful and will definitely upgrade your interiors. Additionally, the plant comes with a stunning shiny ceramic green color round pot which you can easily adjust to your favorite spot.

 The Crassula Campfire plant is evergreen in nature. This plant grows up to a height of 30 centimeter and is well known for forming a clump shape. It is easy to grow and this quality makes it one of the best indoor plant for nature lovers. It is also an amazing plant for edging, ground covers, containers, xeriscaping, borders, fillers, rock gardens and coastal gardens.

The leaves of the crassula capitella plant are bright throughout the year due to its evergreen nature. It is a branching succulent whose leaves changes color to bright red if watered properly and exposed to direct sunlight. Depending on the climate this plant requires plenty of sunlight, either partial or full. Visit here to buy crassula capitella plant online in India.

This alluring indoor succulent plant is soothingly heartwarming and cherishing as it stimulates the mood and soul. Howsoever, adorn your home with sophisticated indoor plant and display your indoor plants in the creative way. As there are beautiful ways to integrate the plants to your indoor corner. So, have the pretty easily maintained plants and transform the aura by placing a scintillating Crassula Campfire plant to your living room. 

Why You Need to Buy Crassula Campfire Plant?

Crassula Capitella campfire is a succulent plant which has propeller like leaves that changes its color after maturing from light green to bright red. It is a perennial plant whose origin is from southern part of Africa. Due to its origin from bright and warm place, this beautiful plant likes to grow in bright sunlight. And if the temperature of your place is moderate then you can easily place them outdoor for the direct sunlight.

Although the growth of Crassula Campfire plant is fast, it requires minimal care. It is also a pet friendly plant because of its non-toxic nature. Thereby, enjoy happy planting by purchasing the exclusive collection of indoor succulent plants from Birthright. Furthermore, revel in its sanctity as it acts as air purifier and improves the environment’s air circulation.

You can also buy Crassula Campfire plant if you are a butterfly lover as this succulent attracts butterflies and bees. This plant is one of the best option for all the succulent lovers to enrich the charm of their gardens due to its vibrant color. Moreover, you can place plant at the window of your home for freshness.

Important Tips to Remember for Crassula Campfire

  • For grooming of Casuals Campfire indoor plant, watering plays a pivotal role to keep it healthy for a longer period. You can water it once a week, but this depends on the season and the climate conditions of the place. Do not over water it otherwise the roots will begin to rot and will develop several diseases.
  • Few hours of sunlight is important for this beautiful plant to maintain its lush green beauty.
  • You can choose the de-moisturized soil which can drain out the water completely to boost the growth of the Crassula Campfire (crassula capitella) plant. Soil selection is a necessary and crucial step as bad soil can destroy the plant within ten days.
  • It’s a low maintenance plant. Thus, you don’t require fertilizers during winter season. However you can put few fine dose of organic fertilizer during summers.

Buy Crassula Campfire plant in Delhi for gifting as the plant’s fascinating appearance makes it a wonderful gift for the plant lovers. Be it festival or birthday, the delicate indoor plant is a captivating and rejuvenating present for your loved ones.


Plant height with pot

30 – 40cm

Pot width


Package weight

900 – 1200gms


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