Hydrotons Clay Balls (White) for Plant - Birthright
Hydrotons Clay Balls (White) for Plant - Birthright

Clay Balls (White) For Plant


  • Pack of 500gm.
  • Clay pebbles are also known as expanded clay pebbles or hydrotons.
  • They do absorb and retain water, making them useful for hydroponic and other forms of indoor gardening.
  • Used in hydroponics, aquaponics, indoor gardening, aquariums etc.
  • Clay pebbles are a growing medium that is most commonly used in hydroponic gardening.
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Birthright’s Original Hydrotons Clay Balls

 Clay pebbles are also known as Hydrotons clay balls or expanded clay pebbles. However, clay pebbles absorb and retain water, to make them useful for hydroponic aquariums and other methods of indoor gardening. Hence,

Clay pebbles are a growing medium that is most repeatedly used in hydroponic gardening. Though clay pebbles do not offer their own nutrients to plants, they provide a medium in which nutrients and water can effortlessly be added for healthy growing sequences. And is known for good colonization for microbial populations.

However, clay balls for plants are extremely light weight and eco-friendly. The clay pebbles for plants are normally curved in shape, immensely durable and reusable.

Advantageous of Clay Balls

Porous: The clay balls are filled with tiny pores, much like a ‘micro sponge’. Because of this, it holds the perfect amount of water and drains any excess water and prevents overwatering. However, it is not the source of nutrients but can hold on moisture, nutrients and increase ventilation in soil. Although, being high pore space means fewer blockages in the growth of roots.

Protects Roots: The clay pebbles can prevent root deterioration by reducing water requirements which further protect soil evaporation if used for top covering. However, the air-holding capacity of clay pebbles keeps root zones oxygenated.

Protective: Clay balls are highly beneficial because they restrict the presence of disease and harmful bacteria into your garden. As clay naturally balances capillary action, with an ideal surface structure.

Neutral Ph value: The Hydrotons clay pellets have neutral Ph value because they are neither acidic nor basic in nature. Therefore, have the clay pebbles for plants and ensure the necessary components in your indoor plant. As it does not change the pH of the soil.

Preparation: By heating natural clay at 1200-degree Celsius temperature expanded clay aggregates are formed. The high-heat popping during the manufacturing process gives the clay balls its large and airy micro-pores which results in developing honeycombed edifice organized within the clay ball.

How to Use Clay Balls?

Hydrotons Clay balls are a good potting medium and can be used along with soil, as it is the best medium for top covering. However, clay pebbles are used as potting medium for growing cactus and succulent plants specifically.

Clay balls for plants can also be used to fill the base of self-watering pots. or clay balls can also be used to fill the pot base to increase water drainage. Additionally, you just have to mix the clay pellets in a potting mix and it will show its benefits.

Clay Balls are an Eco-friendly Media for Indoor Plant’s Growth

Hydrotons Clay balls are fairly renewable & environment-friendly. Hence, they are reusable. One of the most helpful and adaptable growing media to any traditional and hydroponic grower are LECA clay and clay balls for plants.

However, they’ve gained admiration for their porous shape. With these pores throughout each ball, the pellets make it easy to maintain a firm supply of oxygen, nutrients, and water around the roots of numerous plants. Whereas the clay can be used on its own for mounting plants, or it can also be mixed with soil and other growing media.

Additionally, Hydrotons clay pebbles are used extensively for indoor and outdoor plants. It is also the most widespread growing medium used in hydroponics LECA / Hydrotons clay balls. As it can be modified to any method of hydroponic gardening it works exclusively well with drip, Ebb, deep water culture, & flow systems.

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