Original Pachira Bonsai - Birthright
Original Pachira Bonsai - Birthright

Pachira (3in1) Plant


Botanical Name:  Pachira Aquatica.
Unique Fact: It brings luck and prosperity to the owner.
Care: Low maintenance.
Light: Indirect Sunlight.
Water: Once a week.
Pet-Friendly: Toxic.
Place of Pride: Wall corners, dining room, office table & bedroom.
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid overwatering.
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage.

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Birthright’s Original Pachira Bonsai (Money Tree)

Have the Money Tree for your home or office and attract a huge sum of money to your bank account as the plant is the symbol of luck and prosperity. Thereby, place the order for Pachira Bonsai online and enjoy happy gardening.

The Money Tree is an evergreen tree. Additionally, the plant is known from different common names such as Pachira Bonsai, Pachira Aquatica Tree, Chinese Money Tree, French Peanut, etc. However, the growing season of the plant is winter. Additionally, the lush glossy leaves of the plant are its charming beauty.

And this one’s a trendy indoor succulent and preferred due to its lucky charm. The plant is said to bring wealth, prosperity, and vitality. Howsoever, this legendary plant is going to create the indoor space lively.  Additionally, regulate the growth of plant with the right amount of light, soil, water, and humidity. And observe the plant growing happily indoors.

Having an indoor plant home is calmness to the soul as the serene beauty of the plant is captivating. Therefore, choose to go green and place the eco-friendly plant in your home and office. And bid goodbye to the pollutant and unhealthy environment.

Why You Need to Buy Pachira Bonsai Indoor Plant Online?

You can train this terrific and tremendous tree as a Bonsai. However, this plant also has the extraordinary trait of the breaded trunk, which provides an exceptionally outstanding look to the plant. Hence, creatively décor your indoor plant and enhance the interior with the masterpiece Money Tree. As this plant is a unique alternative to enrich the ambiance of your home.

It’s an easy-to-care plant. Additionally, it’s also an air purifier plant. Well, Pachira Bonsai loves humidity so regular misting of the plant is recommended. This plant can get prone to pests which might lead to drooping of leaves. But don’t worry, as spraying the Neem oil solution to the plant serves the purpose.

Repot the plant when the roots have overgrown. And don’t use big pots because the huge size of the pot will lead to root rot due to excess water storage. Howsoever, go for the regular pruning of leaves and trim of the damaged leaves from the plant. As regular pruning will give an edge to side branching, and will enhance the bushy growth of the plant. However, you also get the advantage to shape the plant circular or tubular.

The Money tree with a single trunk assorted in the compact pot is delightful and pleasing to the eyes. Furthermore, this minimalistic plant combined in the pot provides the amusing feel and texture of an incredible small tree. Additionally, this Money tree is the appropriate choice for your living room or the table top as it imbibes the greenery texture to your interior.

Important Points to Remember for Pachira Bonsai Aquatica Tree

  1. The plant requires medium indirect sunlight as the intense sunlight can harm the delicate leaves of the plant.
  2. This plant requires minimal watering so water the plant once a week.
    And make sure the pot of plant has a proper drainage system.
  3. Overwatering the plant can lead to root rot and yellowing of leaves.
  4. Fertilise the plant with water-soluble. But refrain from applying the fertilisers in winters as the natural growth of the plant is low at this time of the year.

So, if you are looking for luck, or seeking to beautify the interior of your home, or searching to purify the air? Then (Money Tree) Pachira Bonsai is the answer, as this plant provides calmness with its multiple pros and is an apt selection for your home or office.

Plant height with pot

35-40 cms

Pot width

12 cms

Package weight

800-1200 gms


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