Kokedama Comfire Plant - Birthright
Kokedama Comfire Plant - Birthright

Kokedama Comfire Plant


Botanical Name: Crassula Capitella..
Unique Fact: Classic plants for rock gardens! Wonderful for combination plantings.
Care: Low maintenance.
Light: Full sun.
Water: Allow soil to dry through thorough watering.
Pet-Friendly: No
Place of Pride: Windows and places with adequate sunlight.. Watch-Out Tip: Avoid overwatering.
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage.

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Birthright’s Original Kokedama Campfire Plant

Buy the awesome Kokedama plants online and give your garden a classy look. Furthermore, by placing an order for the indoor succulent plant online, enjoy the lovely delight of greenery. Whereas, by bringing home this fabulous green indoor plant, immerse yourself in the greenery love.

Kokedama Campfire indoor plant is an ornamental evergreen fast-growing perennial succulent with a botanical name, Crassula Campfire. Its origin is from South Africa and has now become a common indoor plant in India for sale. With low light and tolerance to less water, this is a classic houseplant. And the best part about the plants is that it’s easy to grow and maintain.

Kokedama plants or red flames is a fast-growing succulent which adds radiance and permanent color in the garden or balcony. Its exotic leaves are just perfect for adding elegance, style, and depth to your place. And as green is the color of nature. Therefore, go green and inspire others to do the same. Scroll down to know more about how to buy Kokedama Campfire in Delhi.

You can also place the plant on the balcony, terrace, or window where it can get adequate sunshine. This succulent gives its best look in containers or hanging baskets. Furthermore, you can also buy this soothingly relaxing indoor plant online for gifting purposes to your loved ones who are succulent lovers as it requires low maintenance.

Nature gave us one of the most beautiful gifts, i.e., plants and trees. Thus, enhance the décor and space with the engaging indoor succulent plant. And let the indoor plants lighten up your mood and soul. Well, buy houseplant for air purification and hang your indoor plant with style and grace. By this portal you can easily buy Kokedama plants in India for your beautiful home.

Why You Need to Buy Kokedama Indoor Plants? 

Its eye-catching propeller-shaped leaves are lime green in color and turns bright red at the tip in full sun and cold weather. Kokedama plants can grow up to 3 feet wide and 6 inches in height. The cluster of tiny white flowers grows on the leaves in the summer which attracts the butterflies and bees. So, if you are a lover of the butterfly, then this plant should be on your must-buy list.

This amazing plant is loved by most greenery lovers because it adds a remarkable beauty to their garden. However, its foliage is unique and adds vibrancy and brightness to your garden, where red and green color shines through and brings joy to your life.

The Kokedama Campfire comes in a glossy white ceramic round pot which you can place anywhere in your house to enhance the interiors. And as it grows quickly, with little care and attention, the plant produces dynamic and lively color. Lastly, you can buy this indoor plant online because of its minimal care requirement.

Important Tips to Remember for Kokedama Campfire

  1. Kokedama plants is not a cold-hardy plant therefore, it cannot survive in a temperature below 1 degree. These succulents need adequate sunlight either partial or full.
  2. If you are located in a warm place, then frequent watering is required for your health. In summers plant needs frequent watering compared to winters. But never overwater your Kokedama Campfire indoor plant as it will generate several diseases which lead to root rotting.
  3. This succulent does not require fertilizer in the winter season. However, you can put slow dosage during summer. Make sure you are not fertilizing your plant as it can affect you negatively.

Plants’ slow growth teaches us the meaning of patience in life. Hence, buy the healthy Kokedama Campfire indoor plant online in India and feel mesmerized by the plant’s presence. However, cherish the beauty of this excellent indoor plant and find happiness and joy of indoor planting.

Plant height with pot

20-25 cms

Pot width

10 cms

Package weight

500-800 gms


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