Buy Original Aglaonema Plant - Birthright
Buy Original Aglaonema Plant - Birthright

Aglaonema Red Plant


Botanical Name: Aglaonema commutatum
Unique Fact: It is also called the Chinese Evergreen lucky plant.
Care: Low maintenance.
Light: Low to moderate.
Water: Water the plant when the top 2 inches of the soil start getting dry.
Pet-Friendly: Toxic.
Place of Pride: Bedroom, dining room, office table.
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid overwatering and keep it far from air vents and doors.
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage

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Birthright’s Original Aglaonema Plant (Red Aglaonema)

Create a refreshingly vibrant and colorful environment with the Red Aglaonema plant. And spice up the interior of your home with the vivid red colour of the plant. Thereby, go for the Aglaonema plant buy online in India, and mesmerize in the beauty of indoor plants.

Buy Birthright’s original red aglaonema indoor plant online in India at best price from Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kerala, Pune and Noida

Red Aglaonema plant is also famously recognized as Chinese Evergreen. However, it’s a slow-growing plant that captivates you with its bountiful foliage. And as the plant follows the gradual process of growth, you don’t need to worry about its repotting because the requirement of repotting arises only after 2-3 years. Additionally, being a slowing growing plant it reaches up to 4 feet in height.

The shaded leaves of the plant provide an enriching and pleasing glance. Meanwhile, the remarkable leaves of the plant are the core attraction of this indoor succulent plant. Irrespective of the leaves of red aglaonema plant, the stems are also appealing. This beautiful plant is the creative art of God. Hence, immerse in the rejoicing beauty and place your indoor plant to the dining table, windowsill, or balcony.

The beautiful combination of plants assorted in the finished pot is happiness to grab from the online plant nursery. Thus, have the plants online for home and create a lasting impression. As plants are never overpowering for the home’s interior and décor.

Aglaonema loves shade. Hence you can décor the interior of your office with this charming indoor plant. And if you are thinking of renovating the interior of your house? Then include the indoor succulents in your home as the charming plant with the selection of exhilarating pots is a masterpiece for your indoor space.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Red Aglaonema Plant Online?

Aglaonema plant is a flowering plant and blooms every spring and summer. Additionally, this plant can grow in water, and if the leaves are left in the water, it grows and flourishes spectacularly.

The alluring leaves of the plant cherish you with its leaves. Moreover, this plant prefers to have humidity conditions for its growth. Thus, regulate the adequate requirement of watering and sunlight and enjoy the prosperous growth of the plant.

Remove the dry and yellow leaves of the plant timely and ensure its lively and healthy growth. This plant demands your attention in grooming and pruning. Although the plant can get affected with the slugs, mealy bugs, etc. thus gently remove the fungus from the plant. And as Aglaonema indoor plant is an air purifying plant it removes the toxins from the air. However, the plant is toxic so keep it away from pets.

Herein, Red Aglaonema plants comprises a transparent stylish pot that contains water and grabs the attention of every passer-by of the room. However, the intriguing pot of the plant is a suitable match for your dining table. Hence, choose the Aglaonema plant, buy online India and immerse in the beholding beauty of the plant. You can also find us by searching “aglaonema plant shop near me” in India.

Important Points to Remember for Aglaonema plant

  1. Don’t expose the plant to direct sunlight, as the leaves get immediately burnt in the intense sunlight. But sunlight is appropriate for the growth of the plant.
  2. Don’t overwater the plant, as it tends to survive without water for a longer period. So water the plant, when the soil turns completely dry.
  3. In terms of fertilizers, the Red Aglaonema plants doesn’t demand many fertilizers. Just the minimal spraying of liquid manure twice a year is enough for the plant.
  4. You can propagate the plant through root division.

Aglaonema plant buy online in Delhi, India and welcome the plant to your home heartwarmingly. And if greenery fills you with peace and soul satisfaction? Then having this indoor succulent plant becomes a topmost priority in your shopping list.

Plant height with pot

30-40 cms

Pot width

12 cms

Package weight

600-900 gms


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