Original Aglaonema Pink Plant - Birthright
Original Aglaonema Pink Plant - Birthright

Aglaonema (Pink Small) Plant


Botanical Name: Aglaonema Commutatum
Unique Fact: It is also called the Chinese Evergreen lucky plant.
Care: Low maintenance.
Light: Low to moderate.
Water: Water the plant when the top 2 inches of the soil start getting dry.
Pet-Friendly: Toxic.
Place of Pride: Bedroom, dining room, office table.
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid overwatering and keep it far from air vents and doors.
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage.

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Birthright’s Aglaonema Pink Plant (Aglaonema Pink Lady)

With the endless varieties of plants in the flora kingdom, Aglaonema Pink Lady finds its unique identity due to its refreshingly pink leaves. Thus, avoid the mundane interior of your home and glorify the simple interior with the buy Aglaonema Pink Lady plant online in India through Birthright’s nursery.

And if pink is your favourite colour? Then brighten the room with the spark of pink leaves. As Aglaonema Plant is an easy to care plant and instils a sensuous appearance.

Prefer to place your Aglaonema Pink Plant in a low light area, and have the tint of modernity to your contemporary interior. As the plant adds colour to your room by accentuating its appearance. Moreover, the plant has the specialty to grow in water. Thus, sense the zestful presence of the plant’s stretching roots in the water.

Additionally, the plant must get restricted from the drought conditions as too much light and minimal watering can hamper the growth of the plant and will ultimately lead to death of the plant. Thus, create the balance between watering and lighting and revel in its thriving scintillating presence indoors.

Why You Need to Buy Aglaonema Pink Lady Online?

Aglaonema Pink Lady has a soft tint of pink to the dark green leaves which makes it a remarkable plant for indoor planting. The common name for this plant is Chinese Evergreen. However, the growing season for the plant is spring and summer, the plant can unexpectedly reach to a height of 4 feet.

Although this plant doesn’t require regular pruning. Remove the damaged leaves of the plant and enjoy its vivid sensation by having your own time. Thereby, refrain the access to plants from pets and children, as this cherishingly adorable plant is toxic. Additionally, due to the presence of calcium oxalate crystals, the plant becomes poisonous.

This plant is known to remove toxins from the air. Hence recognized as an air purifier plant. Thereby, refresh the surroundings of your room with this air refreshing indoor plant and immerse in the beauty of its pink leaves. Here you can buy aglaonema pink indoor plant online in India for you beautiful home.

Moreover, this plant is propagated in two ways and, they are stem cutting and root division. Hence, if you wish to include this plant in the other corners of your room propagate it when the root-bound persists and mesmerize in the plant’s ravishing look and appearance. Meanwhile, the plant requires repotting once in 2 years as this one is a slowing growing plant.

Have this easy to care plant for your home from Birthright and place it at the pious corner of your home. As the strong and sturdy indoor plant’s pot, lets you have the cheering green corner.

Important Points to Remember for Aglaonema Pink Lady

  1. Water your plant twice a week to maintain its proper growth as this plant thrives in the minimal wagering requirements.
  2. As this is an indoor plant, it likes low light. Hence, restrict the plant from too much sunlight as it might make the leaves stiff.
  3. Avoid having the plant for cold temperature. As the plant-like warm temperature and strives in the normal room temperature.
  4. Drooping of the leaves is the cause of overwatering and too much lighting. Hence, create a balance between light exposure and watering.
  5. Monthly spraying of fertilizer to the plant is enough for the adequate growth of the plant. As this plant normally doesn’t get infested.

Having the zestful indoor plant enhances the positivity and enriches the aura of the room with its breath-taking indulgence. Hence, adorn the interior of your house with this ornamental plant. As Aglaonema Pink Plant’s amusing variegated leaves are the spotlight of your lavish interior.


Plant height with pot

20-25 cms

Pot width

8 cms

Package weight

400-600 gms


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