Aglaonema Indoor Plant - Birthright
Aglaonema Indoor Plant - Birthright

Aglaonema (Big) Plant


Botanical Name:  Aglaonema commutatum
Unique Fact: It is also called the Chinese Evergreen lucky plant.
Care: Low maintenance.
Light: Low to moderate.
Water: Water the plant when the top 2 inches of the soil start getting dry.
Pet-Friendly: Toxic.
Place of Pride: Bedroom, dining room, office table.
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid overwatering and keep it far from air vents and doors.
Promise: Healthy plant with adequate foliage.

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Birthright’s Original Aglaonema Indoor Plant

Aglaonema indoor plant prides in itself for being the hot favorite among indoor plant enthusiasts for ages. Aglaonema is popularly known as lipstick Aglaonema for its red foliage and is in demand by interior decorators to include that much-needed charm to their work of art.

However, the Red Aglaonema plant with its red-tinted leaves, give an ornamental feel and look to the surroundings spectacularly.

Aglaonema indoor plant certainly boosts the aura and feel of your well-thought-out home décor and creates an extravagant appearance. Additionally, the Chinese variety holds the distinction of being a hardy survivor and propagates easily in the ventilated areas.

Its distinct varieties provide a chance for plant enthusiasts to choose according to different colors and textures. aglaonema plants for sale in India is available on online portals at discounted rates. Thus, bring home a fabulous green indoor plant by placing the order online from the comfort of your home. buy aglaonema plant online in India through the Birthright’s store.

Additionally, this plant bears the capability to light up your interiors with the virtue of evergreen foliage and glossy texture. However, leaves of the Aglaonema indoor plant are largely oval-shaped and glossy textured while bearing small flowers which changes colors during different seasons.

 Why You Need to Buy Aglaonema Indoor Plant Online?

Aglaonema plant comes in 21 different varieties, of which around a handful have been chosen as apt indoor plants. These plants typically hail from Malaysia and the Philippines but are now famed and desired in the world for their beauty and grace. Moreover, with little care, the space becomes serene and lavish as owing this plant adds the tint of glamour to your modern interior.

Hence, create a lively sensation to your home and office décor. As the textured color accent of the evergreen plant comes with various health benefits adding to its popularity. Howsoever, Red Aglaonema plant attains ultimate likeness for office interior design. As mini air purifying plant fits suitably on the working desks and mesmerizes the onlookers with its vibrant colors. However, this plant enjoys cool indoors.

The Red Aglaonema plant possesses the unique textured herbage that induces the zest of freshness and tranquility in your indoor space. Although being cheap and low-in- maintenance, the plant survives at most habitats without any hiccups. Hence, feel rejoice with the plant and stay carefree as the plant demands your minimal attention and care.

Important to Remember for Red Aglaonema Plant – Aglaonema Indoor Plant

  1. 1. Direct sunlight is not required, as this plant wants a warm and shady place to feel comfortable. Thus, keep it indoors and ensure it gets morning sunlight to survive.
  2. 2. The too cold temperature might lead to rotting of leaves and stems. Thus, it’s advised to keep the plant in a moderately warm room to avoid any issues.
  3. 3. No need to water the plant daily and assure that you water only when the topmost soil gets fully dried up. As too much watering will lead to the rotting of roots and damaging of leaves.
  4. 4. This plant needs fertilizers only during the summer and spring seasons. Therefore, there is no need of any fertilizers to the plant during the winter and rainy seasons.
  5. 5. Repotting is required to intact the plant and can be undertaken after two years.

Order the Aglaonema indoor plant and enjoy its multiple benefits. As the Red Aglaonema sparks up your adorable interiors with its vivid color. Well, Red Aglaonema plant price should be the least concerning issue as festive discounts are raining on the website. Hence, buy aglaonema plant online in Delhi and achieve a sense of satisfaction by having a greenery-infused corner at your home.

Plant height with pot

30-40 cms

Pot width

12 cms

Package weight

600-900 gms


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