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Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata
Unique Fact: NASA approved air purifier, absorbs toxins like nitrogen oxides & formaldehyde. Releases oxygen at night
Care: Highly resilient plant with relatively low maintenance
Light: Medium and Low light
Water: Once a week
Pet-Friendly: No
Place of Pride: Office table, bedroom, room corners, washroom and places with low light
Watch-Out Tip: Avoid over watering
Promise: Healthy Plant with adequate foliage

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In this day and age, Indoor plants online are in a trend. They have become a part of the home for years. Birthright to get a walkthrough of the extensive repository to enhance the home’s beauty and improve the quality of life. Whether it's WFH or Office, Indoor plants for home make your day. It gives freshness to the surroundings and fills the environment full of positivity that helps in bringing the best outcome. It has been scientifically proven that being around plants is good for us, provides mental health benefits, gives better sleep, and keeps you engaged. There is a demand for red leaf indoor plants, green and white leaf plants, and other varieties where we accomplished the demand. There is a wide variety of innovative lists of houseplants for your homes. You can take a virtual tour to our house plant collection repository for your home including low-light Indoor plants for home, creeping and climbing plants, air-purifying plants, beautiful foliage plants, low-maintenance plants, red leaf indoor plants, or other color variants for home décor at Birthright's nursery to get indoor plants online. Before you head out to the nursery or website, it’s important to get acquainted with the few things earlier where you plan to add new plants. Decorate your home with the exotic Blooming plants exhibited at the Nursery. But, buying without much knowledge can reduce the chances of Survival. 

Here’s What to Consider Foremost for Indoor Plants Online

Indoor plants online store seems to be a convenient way to shop things and get them delivered at home. Yet, it has its own downsides. If you hardly get time to hit the store. Then, this is for you. Go through this article to get acquainted with a few things which help you in making the right choice. With the plethora of options and variety ranging in scale, color, cost, and sizes are available. 

Proper Place to Flourish 

Place scheduling is the foremost thing you must consider that matches the space and lighting with the plant’s requirements. Do you have a big space by a sunny window or a small space with limited light? Sunlight is essential for indoor plants, In fact. Plants need light but vary afterward. Plants like cactus and succulents need bright sunlight, mostly prefer more moderate, less intense light. 

Effect on Pets

Some houseplants unfortunately can make your pet sick. As they are not favorable to the plants English ivy, causes stomach aches and vomiting, while others like lilies, can be fatal to cats. So, choose Indoor plants online wisely if you have pets. 


When it comes to watering Indoor plants, water is the essential thing that has to be done periodically. Underwater or Overwater is something that plants are tolerant of. There are some species that are sensitive to tap water like Dracaena as they contain fluoride salts, and they need to be avoided. 


Houseplants need proper care and treatment. Like there are rotten stems, check leaves, dust wiped off, proper drainage system, removal of bugs, and so on. There are a variety of plants while buying any species you need to take a comprehensive detail of that before purchasing indoor plants online. Plants mostly come with their own instructions in the form of a plant tag. There is a series of instructions given about the plant which gives exposure to the needs and water requirements. All of the plant details aren't always listed on the tag, but with the name, you can search on google. 

Trustworthy Retailer

If you are buying indoor plants online. Then, go for the renowned and reliable retailer, as you can procure high-quality packaging which ensures safety during shipping. retail is all about click and order instead of brick and mortar.
Each plant leaf is cleaned, trimmed, and shined so that it reaches you shining and ready to love. We offer high-quality wrap and packaging of the plant set in an innovative, highly customized box before shipping. While in transit, it usually takes some days to reach where unboxing is easy, and the plant can come up with simple care instructions to keep it looking great over a period of time. Connect to Birthright - the best Indoor plants nursery in India to procure great deals.
  Indoor Plants online is a hassle-free experience to get an idea of which plants work well in your limited space. At Birthright, you can find a wide assortment differentiated on their care levels including size, light requirements, and care levels. Yet, if you are unsure about the plants to get, approach and send us a few pictures and our plant specialists send you the space recommendations.

Take a Virtual Tour to our Gallery

Birthright is a reliable platform to order houseplants online. You can get the product of your preference. We have a vast repository of red leaf indoor plants, green and white leaf plants, etc. Go through our gallery to get acquainted with the choice of your product.  Our team members can select the plant directly for you. While each plant varies in size and shape. We make it a priority to choose only plants that are the same size and shape as what you see on our website. So you don't have to get your hands dirty, we'll fit and pot your plant into the ceramic planter you've chosen.

Home Décor with Red Leaf Indoor plant

Add a beautiful décor to your house interior with red leaf Indoor plants namely Coleus, Caladium, Red Aglaonema Plant etc. There are other Green and White leaf plants that enhance the interior of the house. Enhance the house's beauty with greenery.  We are living in a time when we rarely found greenery around. People nowadays are more likely to add exotic Indoor and Outdoor plants in their homes and offices so that a clean, refined, and renewing vibe can be felt. Hanging plants is also a way to décor your homes. You can try it out to enhance the beauty of your home balcony. Hope this article would help you out in finding the best of your preference! For further assistance, you can make a call to us. We are always up to deliver assistance.